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Green Science Alliance Has Invented A Water-based Nature Biomass Nail Polish That Does Not Wash Off

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Did you ever wonder if you could shift to more sustainable beauty products? There are lots of options for soaps and shampoos, but what about nails? Well, there are a variety of nail polishes available in the market, but they are all synthetic and made out of petroleum-based components which can harm our environment. Hence, researchers from the Green Science Alliance have developed a petroleum-free nail polish that is safe for nature.
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The production of synthetic nail paint and its harmful effects on the environment
Nail polish is one of the beauty products which have the highest demand in the cosmetic markets. This product beautifies the hands and is used in manicures and pedicures. But, this beauty product is harmful to the environment. The product is made from harsh chemicals. The main chemicals are the ‘Big Three’ – dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde. When nail polish is left in the landfill, these chemicals saturate the soil, thus reducing its fertility. All the acrylic and gel nail polish harm the environment as they contain toxic waste and are non-biodegradable.
The manufacturing of natural nail paint by Green Science Alliance
Dr Ryohei Mori, a Researcher and CEO at Green Science Alliance, Hokkaido, Japan, has made water-based nature biomass nail colour, nail polish which does not come off even after washing. Green Science Alliance is a chemicals company researching new technologies to support sustainable development and environmental safety. It manufactures nature biomass (sustainable organic materials from plants and animals) origin chemical products.
This new nail polish has a strong adhesion property. Also, it will become 100 percent nature biomass composition after applying it to the nails. The main components of this nail polish are natural resin and water. It does not contain any toxic substances such as synthesized camphor, toluene, butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, etc.
The odour of the nail polish is not strong, and the nail-coated feeling is lighter compared to the petroleum-derived organic solvent-based nail polish. This nail polish is not removed using remover (acetone) or water. One has to use alcohol (ethanol) to remove the nail colour.
The developed product tends to separate into two layers, therefore, one can use it by shaking it before use. Researchers are working to suppress these layers without affecting decoration and painting properties on nails.
Green Science Alliance has developed only two nail colours, pearl green and blue. They are on the way to increasing colour variations. They have also developed nature biomass biodegradable fake nails and nail tips. One can use the combination of these items to enjoy ecological nail fashion products.
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