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Six extinctions in Six Minutes

by Editor CTS
Extinction of the dinosaur Image credit: factoflife.net

The word ‘extinction’ is quite synonymous with dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, sabretooth (pretty much everything Ice Age has taught us so far). But, paleontologists believe that 99.99% of species that have dwelled on the planet Earth have faced extinction. Its not that humans are that rare 0.01% that have survived, it’s probably just a matter of time, before we, too, become part of someone else’s history books.

But before we head there, here is an episode of Shelf Life, a web series from American Museum of Natural History,  titled Six Extinctions in Six Minutes, where you get to see the what has gone extinct from the planet and what has managed to resurrect itself. Don’t worry, it’s n
ot something we should be afraid of but there is also something thought provoking.

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