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A New-Age Off-Grid Solar System Can Help Combat Energy Deficiency

by Simran Dolwani

Zola Electric, a leading technology enterprise making energy accessible to markets, has launched a new innovative solution to solve its electric distribution problem. Called, Flex Max, this system can be both an off-grid as well as an on-grid solar system. It is the best solution for people seeking energy to operate their appliances such as lights and refrigerators but also for businesses willing to save energy and money on their machinery and operations. Zola aims to provide affordable and reliable energy to three billion people.

Image Credits: Zola Electric

Image Credits: Zola Electric

Insights into Flex Max

Zola’s Flex Max is a modified version of its plug-and-play solar and storage hybrid power system Flex. This system can help users to charge appliances even when they aren’t connected to the grid. It has a unique design so that it can be optimised, managed and commissioned by Zola’s hardware network management solution, such as Zola’s Vision. 

Flex Max comes with an improved capacity which can power TVs, fans and lights along with heavy DC and AC-based appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners in residential settings. This may increase its use in homes, offices and commercial places. 

Interestingly, Flex Max offers ‘electrical infrastructure in a box’ for people who do not have an existing connection or have unreliable connections. It can also be used at sites where there isn’t sufficient space on the rooftop. It can charge both from the grid and sunlight which makes it accessible in rural and urban areas. The strength of Flex Max is its modular battery and flexibility that can help power appliances operating on both AC and DC so more customers can avail advantage of Zola’s DC while using existing devices. 

Flex Max follows a new revenue model that helps lower the energy prices of both Zola’s distributors and customers. This is an alternative to traditional financing options that aren’t effective and affordable. This model facilitates new financing options such as pay as you go option which reduces upfront costs for users. In case of non-payment, the system can also be remotely locked.  

Image Credits: Zola Electric

Image Credits: Zola Electric

“We are thrilled to be adding Flex Max to Zola’s market-leading Enterprise technology platform, delivering distributed, clean, digital energy solutions to those that need it most,” said Bill Lenihan, Chief Executive Officer of Zola Electric. “Flex Max offers significant hardware and software improvements and the most advanced battery technology that will be a game-changer in improving the reliability of energy systems in emerging markets. Through our valuable partnerships with local integrators and distributors, our solutions are installed in homes, businesses, schools and hospitals in 10 countries across four continents, serving over two million customers.  Zola’s platform of hybrid battery and storage solutions, monitored and managed by Vision, is the world’s first fully integrated, modular and intelligent platform purpose-built for the Energy Access sector.”

Future expectations with Flex Max

Zola’s Flex Max looks promising in terms of providing clean, reliable and affordable energy worldwide. Zola runs on a B2B model that could help distribute energy through local integrators in the market EDF, Econet/DPA, Shell and emerging DRE (distributed renewable energy) integrators like Nigeria’s Blue Camel.

This model assists distributors to manage networks at the ground level and ensure energy distribution to the required zones. 

In highly emerging markets where there’s a lack of efficient energy options, puts pressure on people to go with ineffective solutions like installing lead acid batteries, diesel generators etc., that are difficult to maintain and unreliable. Various industries like healthcare, education, and manufacturing, are affected by these ineffective solutions. With Zola’s mission, it is easy to provide accessible energy through Flex Max and solve energy distribution problems. 

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