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You are what you eat

by Editor CTS

Eating habits make you what you are!

I’m sure all of us must have, at some time or the other, been drilled to eat our veggies, because they were undoubtedly the healthiest anything could get. But recent scientific studies say that this belief may not be entirely true. Although veggies help in improving eyesight, providing nutrition, etc. the genomes of these plants are believed to have a negative impact on human health.

A study done by a Chinese team indicated that micro RNAs present in vegetables enter the human bloodstream after consumption. Genomes of plants were observed to have health consequences, and some bio molecules were observed to be active even after digestion!

The team tested hundreds of volunteers for a study and, nearly 50 types of plant micro RNAs were found present in the blood samples of the volunteers. In the study it was also observed that the molecule MIR168a commonly found in rice, paired with human RNA led to removal of unwanted LDL cholesterol present in the bloodstream.

So, all is not bad after all. Where on one hand you find these veggie genomes manipulating and coupling with proteins for “not so good” a cause, studies show that they also complement the activities of vitamins, which is beneficial to human health. It was also seen that micro RNA present in an herb commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine helps in combating flu virus in the lungs.

So the saying “you are what you eat” truly holds good, (even on a genetic level).

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