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Why do whales wash ashore?

by Coffee Table Science
Whales that wash ashoreThe following post was accepted as our guest post at the Science Log, the English version of the  popular Hindi Science website, Scientific World. Below is the introduction to this post. 

Last month, about 100 whales were washed ashore along the coastline of Tiruchendur, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. While locals in the area were successful in pushing back 36 of these whales using various methods, 45 of these creatures succumbed on the shore. Just a couple of weeks after this incident, a 30 foot whale was washed ashore on the western coast. Although,  we still await formal reasons for these incidents, you might have come across a lot of theories put out by experts as well on non-experts through various media channels as to why these whales might have reached the shores. Through this post, however, we will look at well investigated reasons why these sea creatures might leave the sanctity of their homes and travel to shallow waters.

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