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Cloak of Invisibility very much a possibility!

by Editor CTS

Potter’s invisibility cloak
is one accessory every Muggle would like to include
in their wardrobe. For those of you who are not familiar with Harry Porter
terminology, Muggles is the term, magic folk use to call non magical folk (and
invisibility cloak is self-explanatory). We Muggles may not possess magical
to conjure an invisibility cloak, but we surely have technology and
genius, to fashion ourselves one.
simple principle exists behind the theory of invisibility. We can only see
objects which reflect light incident on them, so in order to make any material
or object invisible the reflection of light should be disabled. This is a
simple concept but its execution is extremely difficult, and until now it was
considered almost impossible. The phenomenon was reality with the use of
artificially structured materials known as “metamaterials”.
are unique materials which defy the natural law of absorption of light by
materials which are considered to be
written stone. T
he light can only pass around this material, not through
it. Now, how are these materials actually made? These materials are assembled
from photonic crystals to wires and foam. These are then scaled at level
smaller than the wavelength aimed for manipulation so as to force the light to
bend around the material. The waves which are aimed at manipulation usually
include microwave, infrared or visible light. To change the behaviour of this material
scientists have realised that the shape of the material plays a major role
besides the material itself. The metamaterials used to make a cloak of
was observed to show images behind the cloak donner but the image
was blurry and darkened. Scientists then realised that sharper edges did a
better job of invisibility and hence by further experimentation they created a
diamond cloak with the corners matching the required properties carefully.
though the little tweaks enhanced invisibility offered by this super impressive
material this was not the end of obstacles. First obstacle was that this cloak
worked only in one direction. The second was tuning it to match the required
wavelengths. With further experiments if these issues are solved then we get
one step closer to making our own Hogwarts here!

would we use all this invisibility for? Other than fun stuff like playing
pranks and hiding from your boss, this invention will play a vital role in
military and telecommunication. Since invisibility can be the biggest asset for
any army, metamaterial uniforms will find a place in the military. Other than
this these metamaterials have the potential to join the wireless charging
technology bandwagon. Several major industries have patents for these chargers
and even though their working is kept under wraps, the usage of metamaterials
has been emphasized abundantly. Besides these cool uses, the cloak of
invisibility may also help in averting earthquakes and tsunamis. Even though
this is a slightly more difficult goal to achieve, it is not impossible!

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