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Biggest Display in a Museum [Video]

by Editor CTS
Visiting a museum Image credit: www.artgoestoschool.com
Visiting a Museum
Photo credit: www.artgoestoschool.com 
Take a moment and try to remember your last visit to the museum and try to fish out the unique memory of the largest real object on display……
Do you have it already? If not take a little more time and try to at least remember a short list of items that were on display. Did the display have a longsword, or a long rifle, probably a chariot,  or even a stuffed elephant. For those, who have seen dinosaur skeletons, you are well aware that they are replicas and not the real skeleton.
So, coming our question about the largest real object that you have seen. Only if you have been a visitor to the American Museum of Natural History in New York would you reply, the Giant Squid. Measuring up to 30 feet in length, the Giant Squid is one of the biggest displays at the AMNH and is a display you simply cannot miss (pun intended).
And the visit gets even sweeter, when you know the story behind the display. If you would like to know about the Giant Squid at AMNH, simply watch this video below about The Voyage of the Giant Squid released this month in the Shelf Life Series of the AMNH.

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