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5 Reasons Why You Should Solve Rubik’s Cube

by Coffee Table Science

Do you remember picking up Rubik’s Cube as a kid and then giving it up pretty soon? That’s because solving the Rubik’s Cube challenges your brain and requires a lot of patience to learn. Did you know though that learning how to solve Rubik’s Cube has several benefits? These benefits accrue, even irrespective of your age. So, you can begin solving Rubik’s cube again, if you love challenging your brain. 

Here are five benefits of solving Rubik’s cube. 

Image Credits: Pixabay

Improves Memory

Whether you play it for fun or to satisfy your competitive urge, either way, you have to use your brain to formulate strategies. This in turn will strengthen your brain muscles and memory. The training process will stimulate your brain cell growth and will maximise the efficiency of your motor and memory systems. 

Improves Problem-Solving Skills

Life is all about solving problems.  A good Rubik’s cube like a GAN cube can help you develop the skill of breaking down a complex problem into tiny parts. In turn, this helps to focus you on a specific part and solve it separately. Like a mini-universe, solving Rubik’s cube involves lots of twists and turns, so you need to focus on every twist to determine your next move. 

This habit will enable you to find patterns that can strengthen other aspects of the mind involving strategies like learning a new skill, solving mental ability problems, etc. 

Improves Patience

Playing Rubik’s will require perseverance. Working on classic puzzles involves intense strategies and upon completing them gives a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. This will prepare you for future challenges that are time-consuming and difficult.

Image Credits: Pixabay

Track Your Steps

Learning algorithms requires you to memorise each move sequentially. One mistake leads you to wrongfully allocate blocks on the cube, and you’ve to move back to the previous step. Hence, regularly training your brain can help you memorise and figure out steps in advance to solve future challenges. 

Improves Speed And Reflexes

Playing cubes like GAN cube 356 can help you improve your reflexes. Once you start developing your abilities to crack the codes, you’ll end up solving cubes faster. Quick reflexes can further help you quickly read and identify patterns and colours. And eventually, you can solve the cube puzzle in 3 to 4 moves per second. 

Rubik’s cube is not just about fun. It has been a challenging puzzle game since old times. Besides being a game, it strengthens your brain and teaches you important life lessons like how to be patient, make effective strategies, etc.

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